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Problem with the Instructables Newsletter? Answered

Is there a reason why my project: "SpectrumLED- An INSANELY Bright 200 WATT Variable Spectrum LED Panel" was featured in the newsletter as: "Insanely Bright LED Panel"?
Is it because the name is too long? Or something else?


Yes, that's probably the reason. They often shorten the names. Congrats on being in the newsletter.

If they can think of a more click-friendly title, they'll use that. It drives up views for your work.

Is there any specific criteria for an Instructable to get featured on the Newsletter?

It's a combination of coolness and traffic - if a project gets a lot of views or comments in a short while, it gets flagged up for consideration by the editors for going in the newsletter, plus there are specific projects they choose directly.

...Looks like they change the thumbnails too!