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Problems with Guitar to FourTrack app for Ipod Touch Answered

Hi There! I am trying to record my guitar onto the FourTrack app for the Iphone/Ipod Touch but i cant get my cables to be recognized as an input on my ipod. Could someone please help me out here? Im running a cable from the output of my POD, to a 1/4 inch to 3.5mm adapter, to a 3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter cable, to my ipod touch. My problem is that it isnt recognized as a microphone. Another problem is that when I start recording with FourTrack, the metronome starts ticking but the counter doesnt start.

Thanks, Glaseyes

(sorry about the pictures, but i am in a rush.)


Hello, Daniel from Sonoma Wire Works, the makers of FourTrack here. Microphones and Line level instruments have different impedances, it is not simply a matter of finding the right size connector. The headphone line in is expecting a microphone or lo-z device. The main problem though is that there are 3 rings, not two, and you are not getting to the third ring which is the microphone. There are several cables out there for connecting your guitar to your iPhone/iPod. We have our own audio interface, the GuitarJack coming out. As regards your other problem, please email us at support@sonomawireworks.com and we will do our best to assist you! Thank you for using FourTrack!

It seems you need a special cable made or purchased to plug your guitar directly into the ipod. Quick look at posts point out you have to have a certain model of ipod to figure out what the input mic jack is capable of, unusual 3-ring plug to activate the mic jack, and how it handles impedance of the instrument/mic plugged in. Don't know about the app.