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Problems with rhapsody music downloads and mp3 player? Answered

Hi all,

Was wondering about this problem I have been having with rhapsody music downloads I get  from this rhapsody music subscription I have and my mp3 player.

I've been using the rhapsody subscription to listen to music on the pc mainly, but I got a new mp3 player from my girlfriend and I was thinking I could also use the rhapsody music that comes with the rhapsody music subscription on the mp3 player , since as far as I recall I have included in the subscription rhapsody music downloads for mp3 players.

But I was wondering something: how do I download rhapsody songs to mp3 player and  what happens to the rhapsody music downloads from the mp3 player if I  find a better music service  from where to get music and give up the rhapsody subscription ?


Hmm, there was another app I stumbled upon some time ago when I was looking for an app to convert a couple of files I needed for my cell phone, Tunebite it was called.

I am pretty sure it could also record and convert protected files, so it might just as well unlock rhapsody songs for that mp3 player you have.

Anyways, take a look at that Tunebite app for yourself and see if it's also fit for rhapsody protection removal or something like that.

Yeah, that's too bad that your mp3 player is not on the list for rhapsody's supported devices. I really don't think there would be any chance to find another way to transfer rhapsody music to the mp3 player. As far as I know they must have some sort of protection on the music they offer with the subscription. This means you can't just transfer rhapsody protected songs to unsupported devices plus, this is definitely one think I just not like about this, you won't get to keep the rhapsody music downloads after your subscription expires, you'll just loose any song you downloaded from the rhapsody subscription you have. I say you're better off getting music for your mp3 player from some other place, dunno what else to say.

Well yeah, I guess I'll just have to give the whole thing up if I don't manage to find a reliable way to use rhapsody songs on that darn mp3 player

What about that Audacity app?

I saw it mentioned a couple of times in some discussions about how to unlock protected files, so why not try to unprotect rhapsody music with this one?

It's actually a sound recorder app that records pretty much whatever is being played on your pc, so theoretically it could just record your rhapsody protected files and save them as fresh and unprotected new mp3 files.

I say it might be a good way to unlock rhapsody songs for that mp3 player you' ve got.

You manage to mention it 13x, yet you've not asked them?


Well gee, thanks for the help. I was actually thinking that someone round here uses this rhapsody subscription thing and could give me some helpful insight on this and just get done with the whole deal easier; since I just used the subscription only on the pc I am not familiar with the whole music downloads for mp3 players and so on. That's all it is to it.

It said Rhapsody so many times I thought it might be spam, so I added the comment to find out.
Like I pointed before: go to the site first - they will know the answer (whether they give it to you or not...)


Yeah, well my bad, dunno what to say.

No spam whatsoever, just that I only used my rhapsody subscription on the pc until now and I was rather interested to see exactly what's the deal with downloads for mp3 player and to find out some other things that I might just not find on their website.

Anyways, just saw that the mp3 player is not on their supported devices list, and they don't even support many cell phones, so I guess there's no chance for me to use this subscription to get music on the mp3 player.

Plus I just saw that I might also not be able to keep the music downloads rm the mp3 player if I do decide to give up the subscription.

Oh well, dunno what to do anyways.

Look at the site (I did but it wanted me to log-in) - they should have a FAQ / customer-service / help in there somewhere?


Why don't you just check out the rhapsody site, which you should have done in the first place of course,  and see what's the deal with the rhapsody subscription you say you have.

Here's a link to more info on this music subscription service:


Although first of all you should see if that mp3 player of yours is among the rhapsody supported devices, cause if it's not you're not gonna do squat  and you most definitely will not be able to use rhapsody music downloads on it.