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Profile Image Answered

Maybe it's just me, but I'm noticing their is a LOT of people with no profile image.

I would love to find and/or make a profile image for somebody who needs one or wants a different one. I'll go as far to design it from scratch, or you can just have me put your username on it, or if your lazy I can just find a really neat one on the internet for you.

If you want me to design one for you but don't have specific specifications for how you want it, you can simply leave a comment telling me some of your interests, and I'll try to find one that will represent you well.

If you don't want to leave a comment, feel free to PM me.


Maybe you should do an instructable on how to upload and change your avatar or profile image, even how does one select what they should have as an image.  The ibles on the subject already out there could be improved upon.

Yeah but I looked up avatar images, and there's a TON of instructables already made on the subject. It would be kind of hard to make an instructable on the same thing withought having it too close to somebody elses.

 why didnt you give me that idea hmmm lol jk

 hmmmhmm well whatever we shall get our own ambulance and we will have our computers in the back then we can really do some awesome ibles like how to buy an ambulance and go cross country and save people until you get caught by the cops lol

Yes, I'm sure we'll be an inspiration to teenagers around the world. lol

 yes we will lol but i am also thinking we should be able to hack into something important and show people how to do and we will be like idols to teens around the world

Yes, then the police will realize we are beneficial to anarchist's everywhere they'll give us even more money and permission to steal from people!!!!!!!! lol

 exactly we are so smart but i am thinking right now we have a huge F250 turbo diesel truck i could either drive that to PA or i could drive the prius to PA which one would be more beneficial

Yeah we are :) Prius would be more beneficial for the enviroment, but make us look like wimps, and then we couldn't run over all those in opposition to us. Definitly the massive F250 turbo diesel truck :)

 cool will make a note next time mom and dad are gone will take the truck keys and begin driving 

Great, I'm sure they won't notice :)

 oh ya you know how hard it is to miss a 3/4 ton  8 ft bedded turbo diesel lariat F250

Yeah, probably wouldn't even hear it!!!!!!!!

 no i would do it when they are gone away on a date or when they take my little bros

Good idea ... it's all coming together :)

Aren't we smart posting are evil plans on the internet in public view? The police will probably realize how good we are at planning and support our efforts!!!

 exactly we will be famous teens helping the CIA and other intelligence agencies around the world

Yeah, kinda like the guy in the movie "Catch Me if You Can" !!!!


8 years ago

I'll take one. I'm big into skiing and everything having to do with the outdoors.


How's this? Let me know if you want any changes, dfiferent picture, etc.


pretty cool. Can I get just the original skier picture?

Awesome, I'll get to work on it as soon as I can.

I will be on vacation for the next week, but I may be able to finish your's before I leave tonight.

Square. They have to be square.
And animated-gifs don't work


A lot of people miss this, I've pointed it out t some of them many times. Compare your image on this page to the one on you - not the same.
If you crop it square you get this.



Cool, thanks :)  It does look better.