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Program to read/write data on usb? Answered

I am looking for a program or at least how it can be done on visual basic that:
allows the user to read incoming serial information and produce outgoing serial information on windows.

Write is selected > Baud rate selected > binary data entered
Result: serial data is transmitted through the usb port



Even I am facing some problems with USB configuration which is in-built in the processors like.... MPC8360E and PIC18F4550 etc.. How to use USB with these processors for sending and receiving data?

Do you mean over a USB-serial port ?
The process is entirely transparent. You don't need any low level USB comms to do it, just standard API calls.

In my opinion, and using either C++ or Delphi, using the Async Pro tools - which are open sources on SourceForge is the best and easiest way to access serial protocols on a Windows platform. Steve

Thanks for the help, do you know of any programs which are readily availably and provide somewhat of an interface already? I can try myself as a last option but my own programming skills are next to nonexistent!

Describe exactly what you want to do. It sounds to me you're just looking for a terminal program !


Sounds exactly like what he needs... @op: On the computer side you need a serial communications API. google a 'serial demo + language of your choice" to see how your favourite language deals with serial. There are tonnes of tutorials and demos. On the hardware side, you cannot hook 'something' that doesnt speak usb up to a usb port and hope it takes the serial data. You need a serial-usb adapter (as steve mentions) or a project that inherently works with usb (like an arduino with the ftdi chip built in).