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Project Collaboration? Answered

I'm REALLY bored at work at the moment and need a personal project to distract me. The problem with past projects is I often run into problems or lose interest and they fall by the wayside. I was thinking that if the project was a collaboration I'd be more motivated and could call on people with better skills than me. Anyways I'll propose a few projects, and let me know if you are interested. Or if you've got an idea, post it up. I'd love to do something robotics related, but m programming skills aren't great. I can use "wrapper" environments, like Matlab and Arduino, but raw C++ isn't a strong point. I've got access to all the CAD stuff that would ever be needed, Pro/E, Solidworks, AutoCAD, ANSYS, Strand7. I've got some skills in and access to composite manufacturing, like carbon fibre and glass but no vacuum baggin facilities anymore. My first project idea is a bargraph type watch - kind of like the awesome binary watches here, but the time increments on a bargraph. I think only one bargraph to show the minutes would be necessary - you pretty much know the hour most of the time, and you could work it out using the minutes if it's around the hour. A ten segment display would give resolution of 6 minutes - good enough for most purposes. I could do the hardware layout and manufacturing for this project, but I don't think I could do the programming. how about a homemade SMS device? not the most practical when mobile phones are so small and cheap and would be WAY more fully featured, but I think it would be cool to have a homemade device that could at least send SMSs. Open source, single sided PCB, would be awesome. obviosuly as small as possible but maybe aim for something the size of a blackberry of treo? Not stylish maybe but maximum hacker cred thumb keyboard ---> microcontroller ---> cellular module&LCD; GPS based car locator - I know this functionality exists in modern cars but certainly not my 1994 feroza - a box that sits in your car that SMSs you GPS coordinates if your car alarm is activated. I've been looking for this for ages in a commercial product but the prices are outrageous. Other more outlandish projects are a CNC machine and single sided, through-hole, no (or very little) programming MP3 player Any ideas?



11 years ago

I have a binary watch design (and another unpublished segment watch design) here at instructables. If you use PIC I can program your bar-graph watch with existing code (and a few mods). Better yet (in a selfish way...) if you are interested in a segment block watch design, I could really use your help making a case. I've had this watch sitting in my unpublished instructables for about a year. The problem is that I tried to embed it in clear epoxy as a case because I don't really have access to anything else. The epoxy carries enough current to trip the touch switches uncontrollably. I'll try to attach some pictures to see if you're interested. I could open this instructable for collaboration if you were interested in writing about/making a case of some sort.


Thanks for replying! Very impressed with your watch designs. Definately interested on collaborating for a case design. I'm not saying I know I can definately do it, but I think I could and would be interested in giving it a go. I'm thinking if you can provide dimensions of the watch, and a basic idea/outline of what you want the case to look like, I could work on making a CAD solid model of the case. If I had access to a mill the model could be turned into a mould to make a silicone or CF/glass case. Alternatively, the model could be milled directly from a block of plastic, kind of like the awesome pong watch that has been flying around this week. Maybe someone else with a mill would like to extend the collaboration. I've never done features like plastic screw posts in designs before, but I'm sure it couldn't be too hard.


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And, of course, I would send you a working watch (or two) to play with.