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Project: Nicolas Cage necklace! Answered

So one of my favorite things ever is Nicolas Cage. A friend at work told me I should put his picture in a locket and I 1-up'd her. I can't wait to wear it to work and dance around in front of her. :D The necklace is make of the body of an old watch that I completely gutted. The necklace is one of those memory wire chokers you can get really cheap at craft stores. I cut the picture out of the paper case that came with the special edition of Ghost Rider. I'm pretty excited. I wanted to post it, but I didn't know that it would qualify as a slideshow. What do you think? I'll probably just leave it in the forums. :P


Jessy, you are so weird.

But the watch was a good idea.

This is a perfectly normal fascination. A perfectly normal obsession. ;-)

Are you using a dbm or shm ssl session cache?
I believe the dbm-session cache has an unlimited size, and the shm-session
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Warning!! Geek comeback :-p

You keep saying that. Just as long as you don't kidnap him, I guess it's ok. Does your boyfriend get jealous?

you both make it sound like being weird is a bad thing? who wants to be normal anyways.

People who want to be weird, or call themselves weird are generally just trying to find a way to be unique. It's ironic, because they're generally some of the most average people =]

But kudos to you, Jessy. You did it naturally =]

i am unique, if you knew me in real life, im sure you would say the same.

hmm, i guess culturally weird is slightly different over here.

"Normal" is what you think everybody else thinks most people think how things are supposed to be.

Until you have asked the opinion of every other human on the planet, you will have no true idea of what normal is.

Of course, to try and do that would not be normal.

I think, in the UK, "weird" is often contextual with oddball and boffin. In the US, it seems that weird mean wearing tin foil underpants in the queue waiting to be prescribed lithium.

. Aluminum foil works better and is easier to find than tin. More comfortable, too.

But they build aeroplanes from aluminium, and aeroplanes crash if they're struck by lightning.

No, he just doesn't really understand. He does think it's funny, though, which I guess I can live with!

Wait, isn't N.C. that actor that talks mostly in a monotone, and hardly ever has any expression on his face? Wasn't he in some Robin Hood movie too?


I watched National Treasure this morning, I'm watching Gone in 60 Seconds as I type, and now I'm looking at a Nicolas Cage necklace.

Yaaaaay! Hmm. We should probably start trying to work Nicolas Cage into random conversation more often. :D

We should probably start trying to work Nicolas Cage into random conversation more often

Hmm, you mean like.....I think he is getting a little Cagey.....or I have a sore throat, could you pass the Nicola's ?


Oh, we definitely do. I'm still sad I haven't seen National Treasure 2 yet. :(

No. Don't spoil it! Or I'll track you down through teh intertubes and cause your slow and painful death. :D

I would never do that. Slow and painful...huh. That sounds like my math class. Oh yeah ,and boring.


There are decent sorts out there! :D

Yes, very slow and painful.

You should rent it or something. It's pretty good. I liked it better then the first one.

Ooo! That's a good sign! I loved the trailer. I watched it over and over on youtube,

N.C. notwithstanding, the necklace does like nice :-)

I've only seen him in National Treasure and that car stealing movie with Angelina Jolie...

National Treasure is not one of his best, but it is fun. You should watch more Nicolas Cage movies! I got a VHS copy of Valley Girl from work yesterday. I am so excited. :D

Ok! *adds to end of movies to see list next to Blade Runner 3*

Oh god. Did this really all start from The Rock?

I think this is an addiction...

Nope, way before then. I like to trace it back to my mom's love of him in Con Air. :D I was really excited that Billy brought up The Rock, though, and had us watch it! He is my personal Nicolas Cage hero. Really. I mean, come on! Just for the scene where he shoves the chemical weapon the guy's mouth... that was too good to be true. Epic, even! May it also be said that I love love love really stupid stereotypical over-the-top-manly men's adventure/action movies!

That scene was so fake. You dont inject atropine directly into the heart, you place the auto injector on the upper right quadrant of the buttocks, push down and hold for 10 seconds. but it would have been less dramatic than a heart stick. :(

Hey, now, it was a very super dramatic manly emergency. NICOLAS CAGE HAS NO TIME FOR PROPER USAGE :D

If you do decide to do a slideshow, you're going to need to..."turn to the right!"

I can do that. I think it's the way I hold that camera that causes the oddness.

Oh, sorry...small joke. "Turn to the right!" was a repeated line from Holly Hunter to Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona (1987).

Some 3/4 views of the pendant probably wouldn't be bad. It does look really nice.

Oh God, don't start...

-- Ok, then.

-- Over there's the TV, two hours a day maximum, either educational or football so's you don't ruin your appreciation of the finer things.

-- If not Arizona, then a land, not too far away, where all parents are strong and wise and capable, and all children are happy and beloved... I dunno, maybe it was Utah.

(last one's a Mormon joke, sorry LDS.)

(nice job, btw, Jessy.)

I love the TV quote. It kinda sums up my time living in a trailer park. :D And thank you sir!

Hahaha, ah, I really should have gotten that one! I love that movie. I'm going to take more pictures and perhaps slideshow it after I document my just finished couch cushion refinish craziness. :P

wow, in every picture you post on instructables you look completely different. You could be a very successful bank robber. (unless you already are and so successful as to not get caught )