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Project U (Knex Ball Machine) Answered

This is the second ball machine I made. I did not post my first one because it was 2 feet tall and had only one path. I am still pretty much a beginner at making ball machines. I am not going to post this because pretty much everthing is from from Darth Trainman's instructables How To Make A Ball Machine and The Ultimate Guide to K'nex Ball Machine Elements. I have made a video and posted it on photobucket and YouTube.



9 years ago

I love it! Good job:)

LOL, this discussion was hilarious to read. (grabs some popcorn) Anyway, yeah, that ball machine is very nice. I have yet to build something over 5 feet tall that is just one tower.

iv already made a ball machine over 5 feet high and is 1 tower
*steals popcorn* ITS MINE

I made one that was 6 feet tall and just one tower. Alas, no photos of it (it sucked, anyway).

I've made a machine that is less than a foot tall. :P

i saw your video and someone commented that he knew what jollex meant, what does it mean

I don't know. It's my first and last name combined.

and what is both of them combined

btw that is a great surname!

No..., I have my name on my video anyway so I don't really care if people know my name.