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Project VR6 Answered

Hello all,

thought id share my progress of my 97' VW Golf mk3 VR6 2.8 to create some discussion and VAG banter. I brought her completly standard and wanted to build a real sleeper for road use and track use that is fast, practical for everyday use and safe for the family.

When I got her back in 2009 she was a standard vr6 nothing really special just a well looked after example

Firstly I gave her a good clean inside and out along with a service.......and by clean i mean really cleaning, shampoo the carpet, treat the leather, clean out the heater units, remove and shampoo the roof lining, polish and resin the paint, de greese and steam clean the engine bay to name some of the bits ive done.

The result was a very clean base "template"

Once all was clean and I could see areas for imporvement I began the work, replacing all the bushes, front and rear lower arms, brake lines, discs, calipers, exhaust were the easy steps

When it came to the engine itself I did not want to mess about with it too much just improve the BHP and general running of the car as 174bhp from a 2.8 VR6 is shocking. So removed the engine and re conditioned the gearbox and clutch. While this was out I thought it best to also do the pull chain not a big job but much easier with everything out, once back in I still was not finished....

After giving the engine a full service with new plugs, leads, coil pack, oil change, rocker cover, inlet manifold, seals, upgraded air filter I decided to get the car chipped to see what BHP could be pulled out of her.

Happy to say with all that work she was running on the first dyno 192bhp a massive improvement from standard 174bhp and all that from just replacing and upgrading some standard old parts with more expensive performance parts. Once the Chip was installed and the guys at the tuning store had done their works she was happily chucking out 216.4BHP

With that I was more than happy and the work put in over the 6month period really showed. I then decided to have all but bumpers colour coded and did a few minor tweeks to the exterious to make her a clean standard example...

I will add a full list of specs and work done soon, enjoy the pics

feedback welcome


I love pocket rockets, and it looks like yours is more rocket than most. great job. Exhaust upgrade next?

I found an toyota fx gt in a barn a few years ago Im still not sure what to do with it , put back on the road ,or turn it into a track car

Cheers dude, yes she is a good bit of fun and suprise people on the motorways hahah.

She already has a custom 3" system, kept quite a low profile back box to 1 keep sound down when normal driving and 2 so people think she is either standard or just a normal gti at best lol

Personally Im a big fan of the sleeper, is that the corolla we are talking about i assume? they are quite popular over here in the UK with the tuners, I know lots who have tuned the engines and done turbo conversions with some quite impressive results. but personally would make her look completly standard and work on the engine for fun to create a fun road weapon lol

Yeap its a ae82 corolla with the 4age engine. I haven't done much to it shaved the head, replaced all the seals and cam belt, tuning chip, It fun to drive as its so light.

thats not bad, any idea of performance spec? id take it to a rolling road day and have it all checked out and then at least you have some figures to go on and then can go from there.

I was toying with the idea of supercharging the VR6 but still undecided, too much of a monster as it is on the strights, so might do some more work with the handling and grip as in my opinion this is where the VR6 falls short, all that weight at the front does make a difference when compared to the handling of the GTI