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Projects that use stolen stuff Answered

there are various projects I have come across that use stolen stuff.  By posting them you are supporting theft.  Example chair from shopping cart.  Those are not cheap to buy for the stores they are stolen from.  Road sign furniture.  Unless you have a contact with the road crew for old signs, where do you think the signs come from.
     There are others, but you get the idea.  If you what to be a respected site, do not post the work of thieves.

Later Zipperboy aka adventureboy7 etc. 


Do a little exploring of the web, and you will find that such projects are widely respected amongst several major sections of the wider population - designers, crafters, artists, recyclers, even the sources of the "stolen" materials are happy for the materials to be taken away and used by creative types, because otherwise they would have to pay to have them scrapped or thrown in landfill.

Stuff that COULD use stolen stuff - but then you could say that about anything.

I suggest you contact the local constable to make a complaint.
If you have read through each of those instructables, the authors have cited their sources...abandoned carts they attempted to find the owners, surplus signs appropriated through proper channels, etc...