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Proof of Perpetual motion? Answered

I am sorry I can't embed the video but you can find it on Youtube here 





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1. Plenty of space to hide a pump in there (plus, the bubble-flow at the start is a dead give-away of a pump priming.

2. That's not perpetual, and the "uphill" is an illusion (watch the rolling cone, not the slope).

3. It does not have "more weight to the left" - it is a circle, and has equal weight all around it's centre of rotation. If it worked as advertised, it would be self-starting. Why do they only show it running for a few seconds? Because it's slowing down.

4. Note instant acceleration to a fixed speed - there's a motor in there.

5. Note edge of wheel hidden in unusually-thick base. There's a motor driving it via a roller. As for 3, if it worked, it would be self-starting.

6. As for 3, if it worked, it would be self-starting. Note jerking motion resisting impact of falling weight - it's motor-driven again.

For all those claims of perpetual motion, I call FOUL!

Yep Me to but then again they do confess at the start.

No wonder there are still people out there who believe in something for nothing.

A well made hoax. Still, the "self filling flask" is a pretty impressive trick, and I have seen it done legitimately with supercooled fluid. Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be seeing a genuine example any time soon, at least as far as the current understanding of physics is concerned.

Yeah, I thought #1 was a beautiful piece of work too. Worthy of an instructable....

"Not to trick but to inspire". Is on the first screen of the video. 
"This video is of motorized versions that were built to illustrate how these machines were supposed to work in the minds of  Inventors."
Taken directly off the first line first page of their website.

Nothing on YouTube is a proof of anything, other than good (or bad :-) video editing and special-effects skills.