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Protesters in China Use LED Throwies Answered

Pro-Tibet protesters in China used LED Throwies to illuminate a large "Free Tibet" banner in China's Olympic Park, right in front of Beijing's National Stadium.

On Monday, five pro-Tibet activists unfurled a banner spelling out 'Free Tibet' in English and Chinese in blue LED 'throwie' lights in Beijing's Olympic Park tonight. The five were detained by security personnel after displaying the banner for about 20 seconds at 11:48 pm August 19th. Their whereabouts are unknown.

As far as we know, James Powderly, the author of the LED Throwies Instructable is still in Chinese detainment after being picked up by Chinese authorities a few days ago for planning a LASER stenciling event.

Throwies are the most viewed Instructable in history, with over half a million project views to date.

Article on LED Throwies in Beijing


Once again, China is still China. They need to get their act together.

They do have their act together. They arrested those guys in 20 seconds!!! Talk about a reaction time. That has to be in repressive govt hall of fame. :)


9 years ago

:O throwies used in China?! wow.

lol perish the thought there only made, packaged, and shipped from china

bet thi site is blocked in china cause of this

Why won't anyone think of the athletes! I mean children...

I read in the Philly Inquirer that they were going to be held for 10 days.


Yay, I'm glad they they are being put to good use

The Olympics are a marvellous spectacle, but they haven't changed the basic facts of the way China deals with internal affairs.


9 years ago

YAY! its about time some used these to get a message out!

no, this is a different article and I linked over to Randy's post.