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Prototype knex pistol with shells Answered

Hi everyone, I was messing around today and came up with a pistol that uses shells. It uses a new shell design, but not a new gun (well except for the front where the shell is held). It shoots white rods about 40 45 feet. I won't be posting this unless I get inspired to make it into a true gun. Picture 1-2 the gun. Picture 3 the shell. Picture 4 the shell in the gun. Please tell me what you think, it only takes a few seconds. Killer~SafeCracker


Hm, I used the same sort of barrel for the spacer type shells. It was for a prototype of a semi automatic shotgun. I gave up after a few hours due to not being able to get a long enough pin.

If you took the white connector off the front of the gun, the shell would probably auto-eject if the ram was long enough.


8 years ago

Block trigger but, who really cares? i don't!

Block triggers aren't that good. I would never post or use a block trigger in war. True triggers are more realistic.

To tell you the truth sometimes block triggers work better it terms of power, but they are hated by the community.

not everybody in the community. I don't hate them, i just don't favor them.

I didn't say everyone I was just saying that most of the community hates them.

Nowhere near as efficient as an autoloading gun, but looks like a cool gun to play with for the hell of it. It doesn't look auto eject. Is it?

yes it is, i stand on my head and shoot it and then the shell falls out,

I reckon taking off the white connector on the gun that the bullet has to travel through could help reduce friction.

i think it's pretty cool.

no need to thank me just because i think something is interesting an innovative. but if you insist, you're welcome, anytime. :-)

I tried something like this before, but I never did post.

I had an idea for a pistol with shells but I never got around to building it

nice you could use thatt as a shotgun mech or something like that