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Protozoans Will Rule Us All!! Agh! Answered

I was looking up poultry diseases on Wikipedia and I stumbled across this.
Read it. I dare you.

OK assuming you read it,

Run for your lives and kill all the cats!! This microbe wants to rule the universe!!!

Pretty scary how it can modify you to allow it to pass on and spread *shudders* makes rats seek out cats, and people get cozy....
So next time your cat snuggles with you, run for it!! It's an evil protozoan trying to conquer all life forms!!
It would be wise to steer clear of your neighborhood crazy cat lady as well... She's been conquered and is attempting to spread it to new hosts!
*shivers with terror*
Makes vampirism sound plausible...


They're planning...

when I evolve.jpg

(Sits back and waits for photoshoppers to strike)

Microbes already rule the world :p

If they can make you sick, then, that means they can modify you .......

A lot of animals carry and spread bigger evil parasites that can "modify" you too, if you become an host.
Worms for instance, they live into the digestive system, they move and eat inside of the host, and they lay eggs near the itching "terminal" hole ...
Eggs fall on the soil, and an other animal eat them and become a new host ...

Some eggs end up in the flesh or the brain of the host too, and if you don't cook beef or pork correctly, you take the risk to become an host yourself, and giant worm will grow inside of your belly, modifying your behavior and your health (more irritable, weaker, lack of vitamins, etc ...)

Have you ever heard about the liver fluke ? This weird and disgusting flatworm can live in your liver and eat it !!

When you play with your dog or go into the garden, wash your hands just after ... or they'll invade your body and take the control of your brain !!!!! Yes, run !! It's a natural conspiracy of life !!!!


Yeah, we even elected a few into the presidency .... *sigh*