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Published Instructables never appear - spam filter bug Answered

Without fail, every instructable I publish gets stuck in the Instructables spam filter. Now some might consider my Instructables to be spam, but it's a real pain to put a lot of effort into an instructable, and never see it make it through to official published status. I always have to send a PM to @jessyratfink to ask her to release the Instructable from the filtering system. It would be awesome if whatever it is that is causing my Instructables to be tagged as NGFI (Not Good For Instructables), be corrected. That way I would not have to bug @jessyratfink every time I hit the publish button!



3 years ago

Yeah my post for "How to make a Hobo Oven" isnt showing up :(

it takes a little bit for the site to update with recently published instructables

You don't have to bug anyone. We review every single Instructable that gets stuck in the filters multiple times a day. If you think you've been caught just give it a little time, you'll be out before you know it.

Remember, we take weekends off. If you're stuck over the weekend we're not going to be able to review it until the next working day.

Weekends off? What's that?!

Seriously though the spam filter is not working correctly. It would be great if someone could fix it. I know there are probably a zillion other priorities but to cause an impedance barrier to the people who create the content for the site is maybe something to look at.

Just saying!

We do keep an eye on our filters and if something is catching more legitimate Instructables than spam, it is removed. There is A LOT of spam that comes through that we catch before you guys even see it. We'll try to keep an eye on anything that might be catching your projects and evaluate their usefullness in catching spam.

Thanks! One thing to consider is that after a certain number of instructables, a user is trusted and the filtering becomes less extreme. Kiteman explained to me via PM that spammers will create multiple low quality instructables to circumvent this, but a Time/Featured/Views/Favorites approach looking at the body of work of the submitter could work for this. For a time based approach, after more than 1 Instructable in a week, the second runs through the full spam filtering process.

I do know that this is a difficult topic and solutions are not straightforward. Globally, the amount of computing power that gets wasted dealing with spam is astronomical. I'm sure there would be a net reduction in CO2 emissions if spam was no longer present!

How do you know it's broken?

Can you give a link to a project or two that was caught?

I have no idea why the first got caught. For the others, sed my PM.

Hmmm - I think I get why they're filtered. It looks like you have written them as either a photo instructable or a step-by-step.

Step-by-steps need more than one step, and photo instructables should have more than one photo. If they don't (and embedded video doesn't count as an image or a step), then the filters will be triggered.

Edit in what's needed, or delete them and publish them as video instructables, and you'll be fine.