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Punctuation Addictions Answered

This seems odd -- but is anyone "addicted" to a punctuation mark? As in, you use it way more than you should, and incorrectly.

As you can see, I'm addicted to the em dash (slightly longer form of "-", then en dash, I type it as "--"). I even use it when I'm writing :P

I use them in places of commans -- but I'm not sure how my head works to decide which one to use.

On IMs, I use "XD" way to much, simply because at first I had lol, then :P (which I've always loved), and XD is just the next thing. However, after setting up my client to change XD into "lmao" -- it broke my habit, probably because lmao seems "too much" for how funny it is, so I'd subconciously use :P next time. People who don't know me think I'm going into fits of laughter when I say "XD" -- even though it just means "I aknowledge that you said something that is mildly funny, but probably didn't laugh"
(Whoahh... rambling alert!)

Anyway, do you have an addiction?

(Just a note: I didn't go back and add --'s for effect, so this goes to show how much I use them :P)


I, Skyfinity, have an avid addiction to commas, the small dashes that signify a pause, which started because I believe the make everything sound cooler Or the ANTI APOSTROPHE: Yes, Out Under Stars! Unbelivably Cute Kangaroos! Is abreviated by ANTI APOSTROPHEs to become Y'O'U'S'U'C'K!

Yeah....... I like commas and "..."'s Other than that..... I mean.... It's not like I can use muffins as punctuation marks....

No, but like me.....you also seem to enjoy the .... periods... ;-)

I'm totally addicted to commas, they're awesome =P

:p :P lawl hah lulz haha heh and lol. If I said any of the above, it means you got a chuckle out of me. Instead of italics, I say stuff like /this/. Ellipses, too. Dashes, I'm trying to use more.

I'm addicted to commas when handwriting, and I use xD way too much. Me and my friends have established "lol" as meaning "GO AWAY I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU BUT I'M TOO NICE TO ACTUALLY SAY SO".

Haha, it's so true. I only use "lol" when being highly sarcastic. I also hate "oic".

Most writers of anything that use punctuation are addicted to overuse of the comma ,

I have a period problem.......... I use them for pauses........like a comma I suppose but I find I just keep taping the period key until the next thought to type comes to me....

Where's Nacho and his >/. system!?

Speaking of odd forms of punctuation, my favorite *name* for a piece of punctuation is the shabang!
(its #!)

As I'm sure you know, I am quite fixed on punctuation as a concept. Apart from that, I'm quite keen on on replicating the natural emphases of speech through the use of italics, plus the trailing ellipsis ...

At first, I thought you were correcting me :P (Then I read on)


10 years ago

I abandoned apostrophes for a while. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows what i meant when i wrote oclock though. I overuse this - far too much and underuse the comma. And i refuse to capitalize "i" unless it is in the middle of sentence. We don't capitalize "me" and we shouldn't be so self-important.

I'm guessing it is just for looks -- i looks a bit ugly all by its lonesome. Or, the more complicated guess, is that I is an appositive -- when someone would say "I, Zach the Great", they are capitilizing correctly. Over time, I'd guess, is stating your name gradually was dropped, as the "value of a name" dropped. Also, since "I" can only be 1 person, it will always refer to "Zach the Great" whenever I use it. When I use something like "he", it could be anything.

Sometimes, I overuse '(' and ')'. I try to refrain me from using them, because I could write sentences with sub () and subsub () and subsubsub (), making the main sentences difficult to read. I remember, once, I wrote a tiny sentence split in two by an entire paragraph wrote between () ...

OH! I do that :-D I've gone deep into ()'s, and then do an emote, and it just doesn't help the situation :P

... variations of "-" <--- I think I want it to mean a slightly longer pause than a comma. I also use smilies (especially ":p" as it is very easy to type) as a replacement for inflection - it either makes me look more goofy, or shows the reader I'm not angry :p ... is a great one, really - when is an idea/project complete enough to signify the end with a period? :p

Whoo! Another -- addict! I might have gotten it from you -- maybe not though...

Yep...another ellipsis addict...

In fact, I love how the GM knex script can filter out !!!. That is so good.

!What! !I could never overuse punctuation!!!!!

Yeah...you definitely are addicted to XD...

I use "..." way to much...



10 years ago

Yes, I surely do.

I'm addicted to using ellipses...all the time! Omissions often seems to add more weight to a sentence than actually including the detail. And they add a certain conversational pacing, too...

But I really overuse them.

I used to... but now I don't use them as much -- I use more dashes :-)

... ... ... yes...