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Pyramid head costume, what would be the best materials and design? Answered

 I plan on making a sweet Pyramid head costume this year, and it'll be my first costume made so tips would be nice. I need some advice on what to use for the helmet cage and if I should go for the Game version of Pyramid Head (Apron, gloves, and boots) or Movie (Skin... kilt? and no gloves) either way I'll be using the movie helmet as it'll be easier to make most likely, and It'll look better. I have no idea what to get for materials except for some sort of rigid foam and covering for the helmet.


Butchers are always throwing out their dirty aprons! You can ask them! There should be a butcher shop near you, or maybe in a grocery store.
Also the head will be more easily made out of cardboard. Interlocking joints, and any kind of glue.
Take pictures and make an Instructable when you do it!!

And white rubber gloves!
Although, in SH2, they look kinda like mittens. Cute!

Uh. Also you'll need mesh so you can see out of it. If it is a fine mesh, you can paint it so it looks solid.

cardboard with leather apron.