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Quadcopter Motor Type? Answered


I'm working on building a quadcopter.  I have everything figured out, but I'm wonder what motors (and where) I should get.  I would also like that motor to have a propeller mounted on it.  I have seen many Instructables for quadcopters, but none of them specify the motors/propellers.  If you could answer this, please do!  Thanks.



3 years ago

I am also interested in making my own quadcopter.

As with everything in a flying machine it all has to be balanced out. So your motor and propeller choice will depend on how much weight you have, size battery you have, and desired run time. Larger propellers cause more strain on the motors making the motor draw more amperage and reducing battery life. Some times it takes some experimenting to get things right for you build. You may have to try several differnt propellers before setting on the right one for your build.