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Question: Best materials to build a meter height elevator (3 floors) Answered

I have a challenge, and that is, to build a 3 floor elevator. The main frame was built using 2mm carbon steel sheet and rivets, and painted blue. The frame, 950mm height, 250mm width. I thought of using doors (two halfs, opening to opposite sides).
What I'm lacking is:
• the motors to open the doors (already have one for the cabin, which is more sheet); how strong they need to be
• the doors; more sheet? They will be on the main frame. And, should the doors slide on a U like tube to prevent them from woobling? or use gear racks weld to the lower part of the door? And, how would I join the doors with the motors, pulleys and belts?.
I'm having stupid amounts of difficulty to view how I am to make the doors work.
This will run on grafcet, already done too. Just really only need to assemble the doors and its motors.