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Question about airbrush Answered

I have an airbrush, which works very well. I was wondering if I put some very fine sand in the pot, would this work as a sandblaster, for etching designs into glass? Thanks, Tom


dang. I' m going to have to spend some money to make a sun jar *shiver*.

My airbrush doesn't spray paint from the nozzle, it draws it from a tube and then into the path of the nozzle

the air across the tip of the tube that goes into the pot will draw air out of the pot, and sand if the air flow is strong enough and the sand fine enough. think about the path of the sand. everywhere the sand touches is going to get worn out and need to be replaced. anything the sand is going to do to the target it is going to do to the inside of the sandblaster.

It might work... although, the sand is likely to just clog in the tube.


11 years ago

Princess Auto sells a very cheap "sandblaster" that is basically an airbrush, with a few modifications. I bought one, but it really didn't function well at all. I think using your airbrush would probably work even worse/possibly damage it.

For etching glass, you may want to try


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if you don't mind wearing out the tip, and then replacing the airbrush when it doesn't work anymore. sand blasting works like sandpaper. would you clean your airbrush with sandpaper? sand blasters have disposible tips that dispence the sand, ceramic is one option, but they get worn out and replaced on a regular basis.