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Question about flight controller for Quadcopter Answered

Hey lads,

After research I found that most of Quadcopter Projects use Multiwii as a flight controller. I would like to ask some things.

1) Multiwii is used ONLY for RC control or you can control your Multicopter using a PC/Mobile through Wi/fi local network ?
2) Can you have Arduino Mini / Arduino nano work as a flight controller and work like Multiwii ?
3) Does multiwii have prospects of adding some random sensors on the board like cameras, sensors for object avoidance etc?

Looking forward of your replies in order to conclude about what board I will use for the flight controller so i can start ordering the parts of hardware i need and start building my project.


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-max- (author)2015-03-01

Yup Bluetooth control, as well as WiFi control, *are* possible: http://www.multiwii.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=...

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-max- (author)2015-03-01

1) I am not sure, but I do know a bluetooth debugging/telemetry module can be bought for use with it. With a bit of programming knowledge, I am sure it is possible to implement that as a main control. I have also seen Wii Nunchucks being used as the only control. The only way I can see that working is through digital bluetooth pairing.

2) Absolutely. Just make sure to buy the compatible sensors needed. That is mainly an 12C gyro/acc board, using the MPU6050 or somthing like that. Optionally, you can also get the barometer and magnetometer used, as well as a GPS and sonar module to have the ability to enable those. (The fact that there are so many versions of the board, as well as the ability to make it yourself using parts from a old wiimote, (thats how multiwii got its name) is why it is difficult to configure relative to other flight FCs. It is not too bad if you are used to arduino.)

3) As for expandability, at least on the multiwii SE v2.5, There are 2 spare 12C connectors, as well as a UART and FTDI connections for communication. To those, you can connect a basic 16x2 LCD module, a sonar module, the GPS, and probably a few other types of sensors. Probably any sensor you can think of, if you are up for the task of programming it in the multiwii code. Be mindful though, the ATmega328p is already being pushed to it's limits, and extra code has to be really optimized for the physical hardware available inside the microcontroller. I did attempt to change the code for the servo controls, to allow them to turn 180 degrees, and ended up tracking the timing down to a reliance on the speed of the looping, or so I think. I am absolutly no expert at C, or the code used on the multiwii, as I am myself a bit of a newbie with arduino. But that is what I vaguely figured out.

For even MORE expandability, and speed, (which leads to a better performing quad) I would be looking at the multiwii pro, using the MEGA 2560. That chip has LOTS of pins, and probably enough programming space to add more code to the already bloated multiwii v2.3.

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