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Question about tower pro sg 90 analog servo ? Answered

What happen if i solder motor connection oppositely to the micro controller circuit board ? I mean circuit positive point goes to motor's negative point and circuit negative point goes to motor's positive point.

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randofoBest Answer (author)2017-02-04

If you reverse the wiring and keep the controller board in place... By switching the wiring you will reverse the direction of the motor. However, the controller board will be receiving the opposite signal of what is expected from the potentiometer. Likely, the servo will try to find the correct position and go the opposite way it is supposed to going further and further from where it is supposed to be. It will hit a hard stop and either stall out the motor, or break the gear mechanism (or something bad).

If you just mean, remove the board and connect the wires backwards (without reconnecting the board), it will just reverse the motor direction (sort of). When you connect positive and ground to the new wiring, it will spin opposite of how you would expect it to spin if you connected it correctly.

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