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Questions about K'nex gun features. Answered

Hey, I'm Stale56 (as most of you may know), and I'm building a K'nex gun right now.

I have several questions about some features on K'nex guns.

1. What type of barrel will get further range, a TDS style barrel (where it is layered), or the type on Foresthell12's K'nex pistol V2 (snowflake with grey/red rods connected)?

2. Is a firing pin that comes out of the barrel better than one that doesn't stick out of the end of it?
WHAT I MEAN: Let's say a gun with a tube barrel has a body that is the length of a red rod, and a firing pin that is a black rod. When the pin is not cocked back, and not ready to fire, the firing pin is sticking out the front end of the barrel.
Think of all those "Smallest True Trigger" guns. They have a small firing pin that is a white rod, blue rod, etc. Now imagine if you made the firing pin a yellow rod. You can imagine that the firing pin will stick out of the front end of the barrel. And that is what I mean in my question.

3. Does firing pin size matter that much?
EXAMPLE: If you have a yellow rod firing pin that isn't pulled back that far, and a black rod that is pulled back the same distance as the red rod, which will have better range? I'm assuming the black, but I might be wrong.

4. What is the best type of bullet lock?

5. I know that black rods are stronger than grey, but if you have a grey rod for the firing pin, and replace it with a black one, will it go further? If so, will it be alot further, or only 2 inches further

Thats it for now, I may add some more questions later.
Thank you for you time.


1, layered barrels for mag fed guns as it is easier for them to work that way, however I find a tube barrel more accurate, really it depends on the gun, but as a generalisation a single shot tube barrelled gun will shoot further.

2, Definitly not, what you want in a gun is the firing pin having as much time to accelerate as possible before hitting the bullet, if the pin sticks out the front of the barrel there will be alot less power as the ram hits the bullet sooner.

3, generally a longer pin will have more power as the bands have longer to apply force to the pin and the pin also has more time to accelerate. Drawback length, not pin length increases power, but a longer pin has a higher drawback length.

4, Well I'd have to say simple is better, so I'd go with a connector one like on the rectangle or Tr.

5, If you used exactly the same amount of rubber bands then yes. However black rods are stronger meaning that they can take more band pressure than grey rods.

1. It doesn't make too much of a difference. For magazine guns flat barrels are better. For turrets, single shots, or any type of gun where there is no barrel after the bullet a tube design is better.

2. What exactly do you mean? A longer barrel will cause more friction but you want to maximize the use of the pin so try to place whatever you're firing at the end of the pin. If you need more barrel to do this then add more barrel.

3. Refer to above.

4. Whatever works. Generally you want the weakest one that still works as it won't lose as much range but the difference is hardly noticeable unless you're using a really strong one.

5. Well it depends. Grey rods tend to bend. If they bend then they're not stretching the rubber bands as much and they're probably causing more friction with the back of the gun. If you use a pin guide or something so it doesn't bend it wouldn't really matter.

Think of all those "Smallest True Trigger" guns. They have a small firing pin that is a white rod, blue rod, etc. Now imagine if you made the firing pin a yellow rod. You can imagine that the firing pin will stick out of the front end of the barrel. And thats what I mean in my question.
I would assume the round would go faster, but not further. because it is going back further, but as soon as the round leaves the barrel, I would assume that the pin pushes the bullet to the side, because it is going faster.

And I added another question.

Yes that does help. When you have a longer rod it stays farther back behind the trigger thus putting more pressure on the rubber bands. However, you still want to try maximizing the use of the pin by adding more barrel to compensate for the extra pin length.

And I also almost forgot to thank you for your help.

1.  Depends on whether the gun is a single shot or a repeater.  Tube barrels are better for single shots, TDS style barrels are better than repeaters.

2.  Depends on whether the gun has a stock. 

3. Yes, the black rod stretches the firing pin farther back than a red rod, for more powerful.

4. The one on Killerk's pistol, the one on the DD27, the one on my OMEN XR.  It's a tie.  

5.  Depends on how much pin bend is corrected.  If it bends less with black rods compared to gray rods, it will get more range.  The idea of using black rods for pins is to keep them from breaking.

I reworded question 2.

I'm not that good at explaining...

Oh, in that case no, it's better to make it where the pin hits the bullet exactly where it ends.

So right when the pin hits the bullet, the pin stops?

Thanks for the help.
I'm about done with the gun.

It has Foresthell12's hopper (I love that hopper), but right  before and after the hopper, there is a layered barrel.

I'm just gonna mod the firing pin a tidbit, and maybe add a bullet lock.

On number one, I made a typo, I meant "For", not "Than".