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Quick Answer Please . I Have A 12 Volt Dc Motor And Would Like To Make A Generator With It . How ? Answered

I Want To Make Something Like A Wind Mill That Light And LED On Spinning Etc Etc .



5 years ago

Put a LM317 in series with the LED of your choice.
So if you want 20 ma LED current R=60 ohms.
This will deliver 20 ma irregardless of the wind mill as long as
the generator is less then 35VDC...



You can see more on this wonderful 3 lead transistor regulator PDF by
turning to the bottom of page 9 and look at figure # 26 for the formulas.

Steve had it already drawn that led protection circuit in the same excellent manner I would have tried to do.

And Rick is very correct about a motor becoming a generator when being
turned by the wind.


Getting it to generate electricity is just a matter of turning he motor - It's as simple as that.

For the LEDs you just need to control the current so you don't burn them out as Iceng says.