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Quick lever-action rifle question. Answered

Right, so my current project is a lever action rifle that is ACTUALLY a lever action. I've seen a few off-spins, like knex mad's and RMConstruction's, but none of them used the lever to pull a round from a magazine and load it into the chamber. I plan on using this system, and was wondering if you guys would find it to be worth it if the rifle fired a simple round made of a grey clip connected to an orange flat connector with a green rod as opposed to using shells, because the shell mag I created was so frustrating in its connections and stiffness that I scrapped it. the lifting mech was also just absurd, so the pictures are of me manually loading it to show the idea. I included a couple pics of the shell mag as I destroyed it, just in case someone can use the idea and do a better job. Any input would be much appreciated!

Oh, and the lever will pull back the ram as well, so all it would take is one swing of the lever, and you fire, then repeat.


Sup, I have a pretty good rod loading mech. Works for blue rods. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLXl_Q3VQwo

You ever going to post an ible for that gun?
Or whatever you call that on KI.

I finished the gun and the problem im encountering is that the rounds are too thin to be held in the gun so im using connectors.

Didn't know you had one...that's pretty awesome. If I cant get one working myself, then I'll definitely hit that one up.

I'd recommend try making a functional version of S0lekill3r's lever action on Youtube.

Nevermind; I found it a few minutes ago. The problem is that my set up is completely different and also doesn't fire rods...and the rounds load in the other direction...so I think I'll have to try my own, lol. The idea is the same.

I remember hearing something about that years back, but I don't know where it is.