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RAM error cause / fix Answered

I've started getting system service exceptions, and have linked the cause to the RAM, which has shown around 10 errors when tested, mainly that certain pairs do not store data accurately, on at least one of the sticks. I need to ascertain the cause of these errors to see if the warranty covers it.

Would it be possible to get or write a program to keep writing to the defective locations, to prevent important applications using the space?


What RAM, which board, what testing are we talking about so far?


RAM: OCZ high performance, 2X4Gb @ 1333MHz SODIMM, from overclockers UK

his is going in Toshiba satellite A660-11M laptop, with I7 720QM processor, 60Gb SSD, 500Gb HDD, running a clean install of win7 ultimate, 64 bit.

Everything is at stock speed, voltage, and timings, and always has been.

I have made sure that everything is compatable before installing.

As for testing, I have done at least 3 passes with Mem Test with both SODIMM's installed.

I am currently running Mem Test with only one stick reseated, and have had no errors so far, at 130% coverage, but I will let it get 3 passes, and a few levels of portal (gaurantees a crash at some point with the bad RAM)

I will check the other stick tomorrow.

the first stick is OK.

I have just put the other one in, and have had several BSOD's while writing this.

I'd say that you know where your problem is - see if you can return the defective strip?


luckily the RAM has a lfetime warranty, so I will look into getting it replaced. Could have been caused by the RAM rattling around inside the packaging when I got it, whereas the correctly functioning one was clipped in correctly.

Thanks for the help.

Only a recent install, a couple of weeks ago, so dust isn't a problem. The chips are seated properly, but I will check again when I remove them to try to identify the dammaged one.

Did you open up the PC to try to take out the ram from the socket, dust off and reseat the chips? Sometimes that may clear up the problem if it is not your chip really going bad.