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RAM upgrade Answered

Hi, I want to add this (samsung m471b5673fho-cf8) to my imac. I found it in a dead laptop and there is no sign of wear. Will it be okay to put in my imac?


Its compatible if that's what you mean. Will it work? Well that's another issue completely. It all depends on what killed the laptop the memory was originally in. RAM rarely, if ever, shows any physical signs of damage, but you won't know if they work or not till you try them out in the mac.

and its often a mobo that makes a stick of ram go bad...

...in rare circumstances a failed ram stick can damage a motherboard.

Can I test if it is good in an old 1990's laptop, or will that just show the laptop does not know what to do with a lot of ram?

It won't be compatible with the old laptop. The dims won't even fit in the slots.

So if the ram is good, there is no chance of my imac getting zapped? I want to use a cheap computer to test it is still good. My friend has old tower computers from 2000 will they make sure it is good?

First of all you need to know what you have. Your RAM is DDR3 and is in a SODIMM package. So you need a recent laptop that takes DDR3 RAM to test it. A SODIMM package is too small to fit in most tower PCs. Just plug it into the iMac. It will either work or it won't. You are more likely to win the lottery then you are to kill your iMac with a bad set of RAM.

The ram was good and my computer accepted the ram :)

THANKS y'all :)

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