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RC Car --- RC Plane? Answered

Okay, so today at school, we learned about Bernoulli's principle and how wings help a plane fly. So I was wondering, if you built some good wings, attached them to an RC Car, and drove it off a ramp, would it glide for a little bit?


you will have to get lots of speed because the car will be heavy and tey to keep the car strait even than it still might not work.

Might need a tail fin to keep it stable, but assuming it's balanced properly and the wings are large enough to provide significant lift while being light enough not to cancel that out and rigid enough to take the weight... why not?

Yep, the balance issue is critical as if it pitches forward or aft it will lose all lift from the wings. For starters, balance it about a point one third if the wing's width back from the wing's leading edge.

With proper wings you shouldn't need a ramp at all. Once the RC car reaches the required speed the wings should pull it off the floor for a little hop before it looses speed and comes back down. For gliding after a drop you don't really need proper wings (like in paper planes for example) but good wings will extend your glide as long as you don't loose too much speed.
For an actual RC plane you need to provide thrust in mid air (like with a propeller or something).

No reason not to.


7 years ago

Not sure if the Wrights or later pilots selectively deformed a wing to bank ( turn ).
Same way a helicopter turns by changing the pitch of its rotary wings.
By the way, Bernoulli's brilliant Dad was a horses a## and a deplorable father.



7 years ago

Sure. Assuming the wings were properly designed and had sufficient lift, it would glide.