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RC Truck mods Answered

Hey, I just got a new RC truck that is moddible in like 100 ways. tell me what to do with it besides bigger battery and giant wheels.


Would light artillery be too much? If not would heavy artillery be? Also consider a small air ram ran off C02 capsules that's trigged by and electronically actuated valve, hook this up to the drive train of the truck with the electronics on longer wires to compensate for the extra distance, now you have a jumpin' truck! Tie a string to it and to a reel, find out how many miles it goes before needing charged, consider a solar panel and charger circuit extend range, then beef it all up several times and make a low rolling resistance cart you can sit in and use it as a free means of transport that looks really bizarre, on the way how pull it backwards with a set of diodes between the powering connections and the motors and a charger circuit in between, then see how long it runs for to determine a strange efficiency chart based on how long it went from being charged by pulling it the same distance back...

An even biggerer battery, and gianter wheels. And wings. And LED running lights. And fit it all inside an Altoids tin. ;-)

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Did you mean giant er (in dictionary) or Ganter (in reference)?

Is this a breaking moment? Did you just create a new word or is my ditionary not functioning correctly. LoL

Ditionary~ As in, to type Dictionary incorrectly.

Sir, could you show me your license and registration? Hmm. I'm going to run your plates. One moment. ... Uh-huh, I'm going to have to take you downtown for a suffix violation. Step outside your vehicle, please.