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RF Transmitting Shock Alarm Clock Answered

I thought of an idea awhile back but I lack the "know how" to pull it off. I've been trying to teach myself some basic electrical and computer engineering but i'm still not learning what i need to know in order to finish my project. as stated in the Title, i'm trying to build an alarm clock that wakes up its subject with a jolt of electricity rather then noise, vibrations or anything else. the concept is to incorporate a miniaturized TENS unit (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transcutaneous_electrical_nerve_stimulation

into an arm band or ankle bracelet sort of thing but comfortable. then when it is time to wake up the alarm clock then sends a signal to the arm/ankle band thus making it active. then to turn it off you would hit the off switch on the alarm clock not the band. 

that is the extent of my crude invention, however i am having trouble with the transmitting part. what would i need to make this happen?? i was thinking of using an old car remote for some of the parts and using the overall idea of it in my alarm clock except i need a transmitter and receiver and i have NO idea how any of that works. thoughts? ideas? please let me know


Hey, interesting idea. Did you make any progress with your prototype?


5 years ago

Its been done in a film.

Try using a remote door bell from radio shack or eBay.


hmmm.. that sounds good... do you know which film?

It was a coming of age film in a smart boy's university apartment.
Thats all I remember but McGiver has done it too.