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RFID Project Assistance Answered

I am Software Engineer and need to build an prototype. Please can you recommend the hardware according the requirements specified below

    I have an Arduino UNO starter Kit here, also have an Arduino DUE

    The basics of the system are as follows:

    * RFID scanner (with buzzer if available) and Tokens required.

    * Display LCD/VFD/Serial, Need to have 16 characters x 2 lines.

    * Also need an PUSH button to control when the RFID needs to Stop/Start Scan - If its embedded in RFID/Display, my job is easier.



Thanks for the reply, That's cool implementation...

But I need to know what components where used, so that I can analyze which components will suit my requirement above...

Have gone through the part list, but they talk about PCB designing (Not good with electronic circuit), I just want the ready made modules... So that I can achieve the respective result.

Parts list tells you where to buy the RFID module.

You don't tell the RFID when to scan: it does it automatically.

Try searching for RFID projects here. I think there is even a guide to RFID.

Thanks for the reply, But I can't find such posts here, As I am interested in getting the hardware components, As software would not be an problem.

I found hundreds. There are 10 projects on the right here.