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RGB LED strip quiestion :) Answered

Hi everybody,

I saw a tutorial on how to make led light-bulb , https://www.instructables.com/id/21-W-Led-Bulb-1450-Lumens/ , this one.

I have a led strip which i can use, the only problem , the strip is RGB , and i want it to give of white light. i don't have a controller for them, and i don't really want to use one.

So my question is : can i wire them in some way to give of white light ?




its a normal RGB led strip , non-addressable , each led is RGB .

And after a fiddled with it for a bit , i found out that if u connect the red + blue + green wire to one end of the transformer and the ground (black wire) to the other end, the LED`s will give out white light , without a controller .

when i get home ill try it and make a quick instructable. :)

You are lucky but might want to try it with some of the LED's first.

It is quite rare to find single chip RGB's that provide good white light, so don't forget to mention the brand of your strip in the ible.

what are the specs of the led strip? Are they individual addressiblle LEDs, groups of LEDs, separate red green and blue LEDs or single element rgb LEDs? Digital or analog voltage controlled LEDs?

Not really as they don't have white LED's.

Mixing won't work as you will never get the right wavelenghts to form white.