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RHD Right Hand Drive Conversion Kit for car auto van Answered

I want to develop, design, and build a right hand drive conversion kit. 
My goal is to make it simple as possible, but safe.
Easy to make from off the shelf parts.
Easy to customize to fit any vehicle.
All input would be greatly appreciated.
I am a rural mail carrier and I think we could design and build a modular system that could fit in any car and would help mail carriers across the country. 


Ive done a couple of conversions, They are not easy, you will need a RH drive steering box or rack, and a dash. depending on the type of vehicle you can move the brake booster and cylinder, or if you cant do that you have to make a brake bar behind the dash, which is a pain. and don't for get the wiring all has to be extended and moved.

They once had a driving school that boasted of its dual control cars with the wheel/brakes/gas replicated on the instructor-passenger side. You don't see that any more. I guess the driving schools just took out a bigger insurance policy instead of making the modification. There still might be an emergency brake or ejection seat handle though.

when i went to drivers ed the instructor just had a mechanical brake pedal. But that was so 2000.

In the US, I believe those tiny boxish mail delivery trucks are right hand drive. Are you using non commercial vehicles to do your route?