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RIDGID GEN5X Combo Kit Giveaway! Answered

Hi all,

First time posting in the forums area and just wanted to share a giveaway with the community I'm currently running.  

The item up for grabs in a RIDGID GEN5X Combo Kit.  It's RIDGID's most recent release of power drills and cordless tools.  The entry is on my blog and is restricted to the US.  Sorry guys, I had no weight in that decision.

Anyways, good luck!



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That's very nice of you but I'm in France:D

Oh, bummer. I'll be running another tool related giveaway in November that'll be open across the globe! If you want, follow my blog & or social media to catch the announcement!

Hey Mike, you make some pretty cool projects, not sure how to help here but this isn't spam, it's a member posting some great tools up for grabs... The title seems to have been ignored...

Loving the pocket hole jig, on a fence job a while ago I had to do some freestyle pocket holing to get clamping pressure on supports, using a 3mm, 5mm and 8mm combination of bits to guide, hole and sink the screws - I didn't find the bit to be a problem with some good depth gauging (by guessing) but a little jig with the nose chamfered off would actually outdo the Kreg jig for pulling a joint in at angles.

Anyway I'm in the UK so not loved by Ridgid :P

Yeah I'm surprised that the thread didn't blow up with comments etc. Oh well. Good deal on the free style pocket hole drilling!

Btw, not sure if you're familiar with the Trend sharpening products, but I'll be running a giveaway next month for them. This will be a world wide promotion too!