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RIP Sir Patrick Moore Answered

The greatest British populariser of astronomy and space science, Sir Patrick Moore died today at 89. I would suggest that nearly 100% of British astronomers were influenced by Moore and his TV programme, The Sky at Night - of which, Sir Patrick was the longest serving presenter of any TV series anywhere.

It is hard to imagine any more iconic figure in science media than Patrick Moore.

A great loss.


Has anything been named after him?


(Probably I think, but don't know)

At least one asteroid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2602_Moore), but I have a feeling that there's a flower as well?

I've got a connection with Christopher Lee and a rose somewhere (I think), Yes I could go looking at wikis but there wouldn't be much discussion.


Now he's passed on, he might get a moon crater named after him. Moore's drawings of the moon were used by NASA and Soviet moon landing planners

As Brian May has said "There will never be another Patrick Moore. But we were lucky enough to get one."
I do hope they keep The Sky at Night running it would be a fitting tribute to him for it to continue for another 55 years.

Sadly, I was talking to the producer of it at the All Night Star Party event the BBC ran at Jodrell Bank a few years ago, and he was of the opinion it would end when Patrick died.