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RIP Subscribe Button. Answered

Has anybody else noticed that the "Subscribe" button has now become a little "Follow" button on Instructables? I mean seriously, Twitter rip-off anyone? Why did they even change it in the first place, it was perfectly fine as it was. How do you all feel about this (and all the other Instructables changes too?)


:( i really miss it. *sniffle*

I noticed it. And did you notice that they changed the font and when you read a pm that the reply button is higher than the deleat button? Why does ibles change that? It was perfect the way it was.

The teams of lawyers from all the cults out there said you can't subscribe to anyone's thoughts or ideas just like that so they changed it. Now the lawyers from all the stalkers out there saying you can't just follow anyone around like that and will want that changed too. It's hard to be politically correct nowadays.

p.s. for all the knex'ers, will this no longer mean subbing each other but twitting or something better?

I wonder how many followers you need to have before you qualify as the leader of a religion?

We might find ourselves in the company of the K'NEX Messiah...

K'nex is dying on this site, I doubt that. LOL

Nah, K'nex can't be saved....LOL

Hey, kids! Free Kool-Aid next Tuesday after school!

Well there's a vision of the future.


I can't help but be reminded of the episode of Futurama where Fry and Bender are competing for how many followers or "twits" they can attain.

Those of us who live our social lives in the real world do not really appreciate the changes and the link to FB.

A proportion of FB users are having trouble with the new log-in because something in their FB identity/log-in is doing something hicky to this site's systems.

If I lived my social life in the real work, I would not have met you twice, and be seeing you this weekend on the instructables stall!

You don't live it all here, though, do you?

I was thinking of those young folk you see wandering down the street, not looking around them, mobile in hand, TwitBooking their every step.

Aha, yes. I don't have an active internet connection on me for such things as I walk around. I also tend not to have headphones in when walking around.

I like to feel routed in the world I am existing in.

If you want to feel routed, you'll need to carry a GPS unit...

(Oh, I need to check the route to the motel for Friday night!)

I personally think it's a great shame that a site that in so many ways celebrates peoples imagination & individuality, has encouraged so many to expand their knowledge & skills then to share the fruits of their labour with the world; should fall victim to the social network fever.
The subscribe button was just fine as it was & I don't see any reason why it should have been changed.
Why should this site make changes that are wholly unnecessary just to make it feel more familiar to the millions of clones in social network limbo?
I have a better idea, how about we start a group on FB to get people to stop updating their status every five minutes, sharing every last detail of their private lives online with strangers & instead go out into the real world buy some tools read a few books & get a life outside of their anti-social networks.
I know it is only one button & it's not too significant in the grand scheme of things but it gets on my nerves when everywhre I turn the world is getting more like Facebook, Twitter & all the rest.

It doesn't really matter what you think or what you say, Instructables will do whatever they like.

I think "following" is frankly creepy and sheep-like, and I won't be doing it.

I think this means only twits will be using the Follow button :-)