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RSS Feature: Does it exist? Answered

One of my other favorite sites, www.lifehacker.com, has a feature where you can filter OUT keywords from your RSS feed. I'd like to filter out knex from my RSS feed, so I don't see any more knex guns. Not that they aren't worthy of the site, it's just that I don't have any knex, and even if I did, I wouldn't make guns with them. Do we have that here? If not, can we get it? Thanks


We don't have that, but some other cool stuff is coming. However, isn't filtering better done on the client side rather than the server? I'm sure a plugin for your RSS reader would be a much better solution (and considering how busy we are, get done a lot faster!).

My reader is Thunderbird. Anyone out there know if it's possible to filter RSS feeds in Thunderbird?


11 years ago

@mrmath Good idea, the Knex instructables annoy me, too. But what tool could we use to filter out keywords ?? And are there tools we can use with sites like netvibes.com ?? wischi BTW Is there a feature which always shows you the "View all steps on one page" Version ??