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RV remodeling.. Answered

I need to replace a ceiling and wall in an rv.  I do not want to use same material that is in  it.  I need it to be inexpensive.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Also, any idea for the flooring?  I am in a beach area so no carpet.  I want it to be unique.


I too am in the process of remodelling my RV in Steampunk (what else?)

I found some plywood at LOWES for under $12.00 a sheet and after sealing it with MINWAX Ebony stain/sealant I put it up with very cheap flush molding (less than $3.00 per 8 foot section) and a can of rustoleum hammered copper spray paint made the molding look GREAT!

I put it like a suspended ceiling, with the panels being held up entirely by the strips. I cut the plywood into 24 inch wide strips and simply attached them with the strips. To hold the srips up, I drilled holes every 6 inches and used decorative screws to fasten.

This works great for several reasons, first it covered the horribly ugky damaged ceiling and it allowed me to not worry about where to place the wires for my ceiling lights because the panels come right off anytime I need to run more wireing!


Oh Yeah. . . .I know I should post an instructable

Thanxx, at least post or send me a pic. Sounds simple...

Here it is sorry it took so long!

new roof.JPG

And by the way, it looks great, you did a great job. :)

How did you work around the ac? Also, I thought I had fixed my leak..I am glad I haven't replaced ceiling because I still have a small leak. I think it is coming in from around the antenna, but we have had no more rain to find out. Thanks for all the tips.

Paneling is by far the easiest material for an RV. You can use different finishes for the walls and ceiling. A wood finish for the wall and a vinyl patterned finish for the ceiling would be typical. I would suggest using light colors to avoid a cave like appearance. For the floor, most people use vinyl floor coverings. You can usually find some bargains on remnants, Another option for flooring material might be laminate flooring.

I found some vinyl covering and will use that. I am hoping it covers at least bath and kitchen. I am still thinking about wood for living room. Bedroom I will use carpet remnants. I have also added small shelves in my kitchen cabinets for my smaller dishes. what a difference..My broom closet I added shelves and made it into a pantry. One closet in bathroom I added shelves. All this with recycled wood. It is all about recycle, reuse, redo, updo...lol UPDO is what the crafters on her say..I like that. If you have any more suggestions, please let me know. I will put pictures on of my process as soon as I get chance HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL!

A common, cheap, strong material for panelling in vehicles is plywood.

Depending on the size of your RV, you should be able to get enough to line the entire vehicle for $100 or less. An 8x4 sheet of 6mm ply should run at around $20, but you may want to use thicker ply on the floor, depending on how much support it has.

As for uniqueness, you could wallpaper the sides, and cut thin, shallow lines in the floor to simulate floorboards, then varnish it.

If you just want to re-surface an existing floor, you could shop around for offcuts of lino, or paint it with an exterior wall-paint.

You read my mind. Plywood for he floor is what I wanted and stain it. There is plywood down already for the base, I pulled up carpet, so I was just going to put plywood over existing. The walls, thanks for that bit of info also. :)