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Radio Controlled K'nex Motor Answered

I have finnaly found someone selling an RC knex set!!

Have a look http://www.trademe.co.nz/Toys-models/Lego-building-toys/Knex/auction-193940887.htm


I have that motor. Its by far the most powerful knex motor.

True but you can't use it with normal k'nex parts.

Yeah you can! There is a hole that you put a rod through. You can take off the wheels.

Well, you got rid of those great big plastic things though...

Yeah I meant the beastly wheels that done do anything :-p

Well, it seems that I have lost the remote for it.

Oops, its on the front, beside the steering rod thingy.

Have you tried the Trekker? I've never tried this one but the trekker is amazing.

$100? Why on earth is it that much, there is no way it is worth that. You could just buy a cheap RC car and adapt the motor to it.

that's the cheap new one, the old one that i have is the one you want. it has two powerful motors for the wheels and two extra motors for motorizing other things. it is a beast when you know how to use it right.

the only problem is that it is really rare, and not many people have it(i not sure that mepain has it)(i am actually having a hard time finding it on google...)


you may have the problem that there is no where to buy it any more, but it is worth it to get it.