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Rage rifle Answered

this is the latest design of my new rifle. it is a pump-action RBG rifle, that has semi or full auto capability. it uses a fairly small amount of pieces and has a detachable stock and extendable barrel. it is true trigger, and uses a new design for the fireing mechanism. i need atleast five people to ask me to post it, or i won't bother. comments welcome, and if anyone wants more pics, just ask.


when do ya thik you can post the instructions

ive completed step 2 out of ten, so it might take a while

Has he actualy posted it yet????

wait, no i can't!!!! my dad took the camera over seas with him, and he'll be back in three days, so ill continue then!

working on it!

Looks kind of cool. Post. I would also like to see more specs on it like range power?

Post it. How do you switch from semi to full auto?

you hold the pump back.

I say post. (Does it use any exotic peices?)

it only uses 4 tan clips, 5 blue clip things(lack of description!) and 2 bendy rods. all the rest should be easy to get.

Gah! PLEASE add (knex) to the topic headline! Greasemonkey won't block it if it doesn't have k'nex in it.


10 years ago

post it