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Ram pump without water spill? Answered

Hi guys. Love this site. This is my first Question in this forum so I hope someone will help me find a solution.

I'm currently experimenting with aquaponics. I want to build my own indoor frindly system and been looking at all sorts of efficent ways to do this without using any external power. So I stumbbled upon the Ram Pump. 
Now this is my problem.
All Ram pumps seem to dispose a small portion of water to the enviorment. If i want to use this kind of pump inside, it cant do that witout some way to get that water back to the system in some kind of way. 

Is their anyone that know of some kind of solution for this? It's not so great to have water all over the floor.

Tnx in advance!

Peace, Love and Aquaponics!


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Getting water to lift itself, without waste, well, this is a proposition much like getting rocks to lift themselves.

However, there is plenty of energy available, even in remote places on this planet, in the form of solar or wind.

So I think Iceng is on the right track, with his suggestion that you get some PV panels, and an electric pump.

The energy of local, school-aged, children can be utilized as well,


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10 months ago

The waste water makes no difference because Ramp Pumps are usually employed in flowing rivers (the faster the better).. The working of this mechanism is a function of Ram water from some source, usually a fast flowing clean stream, forcing liquid flow against air pressure chamber until flow diminishes to a point that the red float falls and opens the main.. This restarts water flow jamming the red ball shut and the mass of water in motion causes water to fill the air chamber through the one-way valve which ultimately can move a portion of water out and up an incline..

If you are dead set on a no power dry system, use the sun to power a solar array that runs a low cost pump to fill a water tank above the highest spigot during daylight hours.. And no over flow waste water will occur.. Then a simple float shade to block sunlight, is all you need to stop the pump when a tank is full...


I got no problem with the spilling but I want to collect the spill, not get it all over the floor. I understand the principle of the ram pump, there must be a way to collect the water without the need of a floor sump. The thing is that I don't want any energy except the water force. Don't get me wrong, I love sun and wind power but this is more like a classroom experiment. Maybe I need to reconsider what kind of pump I will use. Thanks for you answers so far.

Put a bucket under it. I mean, put a bucket in between the floor and the place where there is spilling water.

If the bucket is close to getting full, quickly swap the almost full bucket with an empty one.

This same technique can be used for rainy days inside a building with a roof that leaks.

I'm not stupid man. If you gonna give stupid answers pls don't answer at all.

I guess I'm just not picturing what you're trying to do here.

I don't like to use the word, "impossible", but it seems like you're asking us how to make water flow uphill, without energy input, without m*g*h, without, as you say, "using any external power."

I really do think it is a choice between: a pump, of some kind, and lifting the water by hand, one bucket at a time....

Or wait for the water in the bucket to evaporate, and then wait for the sky to rain it back down.

I'll probably use an airlift pump instead. Sorry for the snappy comment back man. I know you all just want to help.

Hey, don't worry about it. By the way, coincidentally, I think, the first place I saw an air-lift pump described was in this old document called, "The Urban Aquaculture Manual"


I don't know if that one was actually a good, workable, design, but the reason it kind of stuck in my mind (besides the novelty of a pump using air bubbles) was it has this superficial resemblance to the well-known, three arrow, recycling symbol.



I mean, the UAM set up was three, same size, barrels, and the plumbing connecting them, when viewed from above, looked just like the three flowing arrows in an equilateral triangle, of the recycling symbol.

Where do you propose to get the energy from ?

the energy is of course the water flow in to the system. I guess I'll just use an airlift pump. Tnx guys for trying to help.

Not enough energy in the water to take it back to where it came from. I think that's what jack is saying, politely.

You pretty much stumped unless you can generate some energy from outside the equipment hence the suggestions of solar power.

As you correctly point out in your comment to my everlasting waterfall video, it can't happen.

You could try this idea

Depending on the amount of wind in your area, you could try a windmill type water pump.

If you use the back rim of a bicycle you can use the cog and chain to drive an offset crank arrangement, with the spokes serving duty as mounts for the vanes.

All you'd need for your application is 2 holding tanks with the windpump transferring water between the lower and upper ones.


Its in the nature of the ram pump, its how they "ram". How are you intending to provide the energy to pump anything ?