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Ramen Noodles Answered

I think Ramen Noodles are the best! i practically live off of them.


Never did care for them. Water and flour make cheap noodles and to me taste better.

Also, I found the taste of the uncooked noodles to be much better then the high Sodium, High in fat content rest of the mess, cooked. The following is how I have eaten them, most of the time....


When we're being lazy, my wife and I often cook the noodle brick with low-sodium low-fat chicken broth, rather than the powdered heart-attack-in-a-bag that comes with the noodles.

What the hell is everyone talking about? There's like some salt and some flavoring stock in those packets, and not very much either, how is it bad?

And you bumped this after three months because....?

I think it's like a disease - if you use House as your avatar you have to cuss and disrespect all statements by others and act the part of the tortured misunderstood genius and generally be a jerk for a minimum of two weeks.

A serving of ramen is high in carbohydrates and low in vitamins and minerals. Ramen soup tends to be high in sodium.

In some ramen noodle brands, the sodium content reaches 3000 mgs...

Those of us on a low sodium diet, because of heart problems, OR high blood pressure (or both), need to keep meals below the 200 mg level, for the entire meal. If I don't keep it below 150 mg for a meal, I get tremendous headaches. But that average package of ramen which contains more than 1,560 mg of sodium is pretty dangerous.

I, too, am on a low sodium diet--I eat much salt, my feet & legs swell up like a puffer fish. But even salt isn't the worst of ramen--do you realize those tasty tidbits are deep-fat-fried before packaging? Take a look at the fat grams, and more importantly, the sat fats & trans fats. I'm going to stick to my whole-wheat noodles, thank you very much!

Yeah, the sodium is of GREAT concern to me, more for the fact that it causes renal failure, and my kidneys ARE failing already.

I went through a scare with that myself, earlier this year: acute stage IV kidney disease. Fortunately, by changing medications and diet, we were able to rein it back. But it's really difficult to eat a low-sodium, low-fat, low-JUNK diet in this country unless you prepare EVERYTHING from scratch. Oh, you can buy a few things which fit the parameters, but have you looked for low-sodium bread lately? I'm pretty sure Goodhart knows what I mean, but the average American? Not so much! Also fortunate is the fact that my hub and I are retired, so if I have to put in the time to make scratch bread and other such staples, I HAVE the time. Goodhart, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I know you must be pretty scared. Hang in there.

At this point, we have it under "control". Things are not going to improve (I am not going to reverse anything at my age) but I don't have to allow it to get worse.

With my wife unable to prepare meals manually very often, it is a REAL problem (sodium content, fat content, carb content, taste content ) . 

I kind of got hooked in the nutty flavor of the brick uncooked though ;-) I've never had them cooked but then, I haven't had them often either

They shouldn't taste like nuts, as far as I'm concerned. No, not peanuts, not almonds, not even chestnuts.

not like a specific nut, but a nutty flavor.....tis hard to describe

Yeah, I heared ramen noodles are like salt shakers

That would make a big mess to eat like that without breaking it up first, probably hard on the teeth too.

It's not that hard......but yeah, one eats it like this with a bowl underneath :-)

Yah, either cooked to mush or raw and crunchy does it for me :D

That must be similar to choking down bits of unpopped popcorn.

Because of the way it is made, it is not like normal noodles you get for regular cooking. They are freeze dried, if IIRC, and are a bit softer, but taste like lightly roasted nuts.

They didn't have ramen when I experimented with what you get out of an Army MRE meal. Freeze dried meat patty and instant coffee powder weren't too bad if you tried them dry. Freeze dried ice cream is pretty cool when it melts in your mouth. I would think the ramen would taste a little better than rice cake styrofoam discs.

I do that too. Have for many years now. I was at my friends, and we were too lazy to boil water. Thus the raw ramen became a staple in my diet.



8 years ago

Mmm Mmm brick...

Ah you haven't eaten until you have tried Vichysoisse, or Escargot baked in a half shell, Sweetbreads, or a good hot Vindaloo

If undercooked, escarcot, beef, pork, chicken or fish can all give you parasites. And "brain worms" are exceedingly rare even among such cases.

Baked? Nah, sounds like a fig-newton of your imagination LOL

I'll add Skorthalia and saganaki, Mongolian hot pot, shrimp boil, pizza with anchovies and roast duck to that, Goodhart. With the near infinite palate of world cuisine available I can't stomach the idea of eating a product that consisted of extruded and dried wheat paste soaked in an MSG solution, especially one with near zero nutritional qualities.

BTW: Skorthalia dip sounds good. So does the saganaki OPA ! as does the Sichuan Mongolian hot pot ;-)

Aye, I was just throwing out a few varied examples of how becoming addicted to blandness can turn one's brain into, well a noodle LOL

I mean, I normally only drink water, with an occasional coffee in there (and even more rarely, a little wine, or a good Stout), and I only have one Bottle of soda in the house, a 2 litre diet Dr. P. and that only because I got it for 10 cents. :-)

But nothing like simple surf and turf, steamed lobster tail with drawn butter and a filet mignon, medium rare au jus. and sides of creamed spinach and home fries.

I love instant noodles. They are quick to make and tasty...(mouth watering)

I love ramen! I am going to marry ramen noodles!! THEY WILL BE MY WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see those ramen noodles... naughty thought, but they r just so hot. I eat them a ton, they give me the ultimate pleasure. :)

They are amazing!!!!!! I don't know how anyone could live without them (though I know people who do, sadly ;[) ⫬ just the chicken ones that are most common.. Pork, and etc. too! I like to put stuff in mine, too.. :D

Ah....memories of undergraduate meals. Ramen noodles with chopped vegetables and chunks of salami. I think it might have almost been healthy...

i just mainly eat the chicken kind.... they're my favorite!!!

I like them lightly boiled and then stir-fried with beef chunks!

Oriental flavor FTW with microwaved veg.