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Random collage of junk needs a purpose.... Answered

Okay, I have:
1. A broken Presario CQ61 that is beyond repairing (withing a reasonable price range).  The screen is still good, and I believe that the drive, hard drive, ram, and battery are all okay (and maybe other miscellaneous bits, too).
2. An original Xbox with a possibly dirty/faulty disk drive, along with the chords to it (I turned to controller into a USB controller)
3. Random chargers, MP3/MP4 players, chargers, speakers, etc.,etc.
4. MacGyver-style determination

What can I make with these?  I can't use them like they are, and I don't want to throw them away.  Any good suggestions?  I've been looking online and I've only found "make your old laptop into a picture frame!!!1!!"
All ideas are good ideas (except for bad ideas).
Thank you in advance.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-04-23

The laptop screen can be re-purposed as a generic screen but you will need to buy a box that can run it. That box alone cost as much as a new monitor about the same size as your laptop screen. You could pull any motors and fans out of the systems and save those for something later. 

Speakers and chargers can always be made into a dock for your current MP3 player.

You could pull the USB connectors from the systems and combine them with the chargers to make USB power adapters. You may be able to find a 7805 in the Xbox's power supply to convert the output of the adapters to the 5V needed for USB. Or you may find a LM317 adjustable regulator and set it for the 5V you need. 

Other than that most of the stuff can't be used for anything else. You might be able to use the PCB's from the system to make jewelry or other useful items like a clip board that needs a thin and sturdy board of some kind. It's just a matter of desoldering the components. Since you won't be able to reuse 90% of them you can always desolder them the fun way.

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choward7 (author)mpilchfamily2013-04-23

Cool, I didn't think about using the speakers for an MP3! :)

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