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Random computer shutdown problem? Answered

While using my computer upstairs I randomly get shut down. Mostly all I am running is iTunes- not much else. It will shutdown when playing a movie for about 5-10 minutes without pausing, and sometimes (but not nearly as much) while playing music. Its on Win XP Pro, 3ghz Intel Pentium 4, 1gb of RAM (SDRAM?). Computer gives no error/overheating messages. I have no active internet connection, but I have some temp. monitoring  programs installed (speedfan + intel software) and I can get programs on it with a USB flash drive. Computer did have an overheating problem, but I attributed that to the broken PSU fan. Replaced the PSU and it ran a lot cooler, except for this new problem. Any ideas?


Do you have Windows on auto update? You said it started about 3 weeks after a reinstall and you think this may be the cause. It could be it did an update that is playing havoc with some software causeing it to shutdown. But since you said you don't have it connected to the internet I don't think this could be the case. You don't say what brand Computer you have, but I had a HP back a few years ago that did something simular and I had to replace the hard drive in it. It was just bad from the factory and had never been connected to the net so I knew it was a hardware problem. another thing you could check is the BIOS battery. Sounds wierd but sometimes replaceing the battery will "fix" wierd shutdown problems. It was one of many things I was told to try before replaceing the HD. Hope this helps.

i would put it down to software over hardware.

get some 24/7 temp check software to make sure your not just over heating it.
because it will turn off if it reaches a certain temperature.


7 years ago

check to see if PSU is big enough. i had the same problem and that's what it was

will do- i think i still have the original psu so i can check wattages

might be an imported virus.
they can be easy to fix.
just look in your startup folder.

though it could still be related to over heating :/

Uhh, dumb question, but how exactly do i get to my startup folder and fix a virus? :)
Will run a few anti virus scans later though...

Check for the obvious first. Is the power saver or the screen saver timmer set to go off if no user input? sometimes its's the obvious simple stuff that keeps you guessing way more than not.

Could be a overheating problem still, but it could be a more serious problem such as HD failure in your future. Hope for the best expect the worst.

Screen is set to go off after 20min, i dont think its that . I reinstalled windows about 3 weeks before it started doing this...