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Ranges on a knex gun gone wild! Answered

There is no way that a knex gun can reach 60 feet using the simple ram mechanism. Ive made the NAR and fired it using 3 brand new #64 sized rubber bands and ammo with fins! It did NOT reach 100 feet or even 60. The NAR only reached 50 feet.Ive also built the TR Sayer and TR 8. They also did not reach the length that the owners claimed. Its really sad that people are putting high ranges even though they're all a lie! What do you think?



5 years ago

No wonder you didn't get the ranges you expected. You only used 3 #64's, you're supposed to use more than that for it to shoot that far. Ranges are not always going to be consistent,unless you use the same type of bands. Different bands have different strengths you know. Rebuild the nar, put 12 bands on it, make fin ammo, fire it, and tell me what happens. Until then, don't post pointless topics like this.

Blue Mullet. The NAR will only do it's job properly with at-least 7 bands on it.

Lol this is dumb. The NAR only works well when you put LOTS of rubberbands on. The NAR I still have lying around somewhere untouched for the past year or so has about 6 or 7. The original design of the NAR was to be able to take lots of rubberbands anyways, not to get insane range or power. Insane range/power were just side effects of the design.

3 whole rubberbands? Whoa man don't hurt yourself.

I built the NAR, and it got around 150 feet angled with fin ammo. I had 5 #64 rubber bands on it. Sometimes, however, I fired the gun and the fin ammo tumbled in flight, only reaching ranges of about 50 feet. Did you make the fin ammo right? KILLERK has a forum topic that shows how to make good fin ammo. I can get a normal firing pin gun to fire 60 feet without using fin ammo. You can also get better ranges with different types of ammo. I have found that canadammo (red connector on a yellow rod) shoots the farthest. BTW, I'm not lying about the ranges I got.