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Rare Instructables Robot T-shirt? Answered

I recently won the Toy Rods And Connectors Contest as Runner up and got a knex set and a unusual Instructables Robot T-shirt. I looked all over the internet for a shirt with the same design but came up with the usual ones. Is this one special or just a newer one? On the back of the shirt at the top, it says " Instructables".


This Is really COOL........ what I got was a light blue coloured instructables t-shirt which I wear with Pride :-p

This was a temporary new design we tried. It was decided it wouldn't be printed again so we are just giving them out randomly until they are gone. Enjoy your limited edition shirt!


4 years ago

Cool shirt. But why was this posted under Knex?

probly cause he won it in the toy rods and connectors contest

Very nice shirt! Very epic ible' robot!

I've got the same one in baby blue

It *is* rare - they were run off for a particular event, and the spares found their way into the prize process.

(I got one as well, and contacted HQ to ask if they were changing the design.)