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Raspberry PI power? Answered

Hey yall! I just recently bought a Raspberry Pi! Those of you who want to order know how hard this is, so Im pretty excited because i didnt think Id b able to order for awhile. Anywho, I wnat to make or buy a portable power supply for it, but I am not sure how to go about doing that. I know there are tons of portable CHARGERS out there for iphones and what not, but I am afriad these will attempt to "charge" my PI, therfore frying the board. Do they just supply power and the device recognizes power being recieved, so it displays charging? And I will be attachin a BUNCH of things via a usb hub to the Pi, so I doubt regular bunch of 4 rechargeable AAs will pwer my device for long with all thse extrra things drawing power. So my question is 3fold: can I buy one of those portable chargers to power my Pi or will it fry it? will 4 AAs be enough to power the Pi and all the extra usb things? and will it be more cost efficient to make a power supply? (I definetely want it be rechargeable, though). Any links to products, or guides to make one would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!!! Also, I already have a wall supply, but I need a power supply that is portable.


A standard mini USB style "charger" will power the PI.
They are just 5V power supplies - in a phone, the charging electronics are onboard.

Actually, it's a "Micro" usb charger tip... and that's ... your "Tip of the Day!"

Don't these things work from a battery anyway? How long is it lasting between charges?


I'm not sure what ur asking. Cud u please clarify?

How long does the thing work before you have to charge it?


U mean the usb chargers? I dont know. It depends on the model. I also dont have the Pi yet, so I cant do any tests.

Wait until you've got it and then see if it's actually a problem.