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Rate a Custom TR! (update) Answered

Since everyone likes the TR so much and people are making custom TR's, I decided to have a "Rate a TR" thread.  Other sites have similar threads, like SSCoasters.

The basis is that you post a picture of your TR, and the next person to reply has to rate your TR on a scale of 1-5.  Then he posts a picture of his custom TR, and the next person rates it and posts his TR, and so on.

The more modded a TR seems, the higher rated it should be.  To start the topic off, here is my custom TR.  It uses Zak's stock because I like it so much, and it features original custom ironsights, and a neat trigger guard that attaches to the foregrip.  I will probably post a video later.

*Edit* since there seems to be some debate on mods, I will clarify what I meant: By "mods", I meant mods that make the gun better or increase efficiency in some way or form.  So if you throw a bunch of random parts on your TR like a scope or a grenade launcher, it doesn't count towards my overall definition. 




But yours is a BR 8.....

I see, I was still ignorant at that time.  I though a TR only had 18 barrels.

The best thing is, your avatar emphasises your point as well.

ok, stop with that picture, and i thought it was a tr 18 contest, not just any turret rifle.

ill rate it 3.5/5 just because everyone uses that stock and its getting old, and below are pics of my custom tr18 and br8


1/5 - There is no need for all that extra garbage that you put on. 


1/5 - There is no need for all that extra garbage that you put on.

I believe you have to post a picture before you can rate.

You are SO annoying, you petty five-year old.

Sorry for Going a bit off topic there, DJ.

It doesn't need to be done to me for me to see that you are acting is a stupid way.

yeah, so tell me why I'm acting in a stupid way, I don't understand what I've done wrong

The only "extra" thing he has on his TR is the vertical foregrip, which I think he finds useful if he wants to aim in war.  The bottom part of the stock makes it more sturdy.  

yeah I'm sure, but you can't say I've got so much more attached than he has, that means he offends me for something that he has done too! This is just how I like it. Also you said the more mods, the higher the rating, the next thing he does is rating me 1/5

What he meant was that all the extras you put on your TR are useless, as opposed to the only extra on his TR, which I would find useful.  I agree.  In fact I would consider the front bit a downgrade since it restricts the type of ammo you can put in.  As for what I said, I edited the topic to clarify what I meant by mods.  You should read it. 

yeah, I didn't use my TR for war so whatever, I just thought it looked good, plus, it was pretty sturdy like that

neither did he so stop complaining , i didn't like the rating you gave my tr's and im not complaining , and remember what anybody says on ibles is just their *opinion*.

what didn't you like about my rating? he said the more you mod the higher the rating, you didn't mod a lot so 3/5 is a very reasonable rating.

Perhaps we should have one topic for war-TR mod ratings, and one for Just-for-fun ratings. What do you think DJ?

I agree with Raikou-san, as well as adding that if I'd made a modded TR, it'd probably look a lot like that but with straighter lines... I like to be able to use my guns as a hammer and/or battering ram.

If that was the case you would build the knexsayer.

Well, I don't have the pieces or finger strength to do that. I just build my guns incredibly solidly, mostly because  I don't like it when my gun breaks.

You don't need THAT much finger strength to make the knexsayer.  I'll probably make an instructional YT video on how to snap rods in when it seems difficult later on.

Eh, I don't have the pieces anyway. Nor do I have the willpower ATM. Dropping a sledgehammer on one's foot does that.

Ouch. Must have hurt like crazy. But now you have an excuse to tunnel into your basement and fill it with jello to use as a giant trampoline...

Then put an inflatable pool under the hole on your first floor and tunnel through whatever you have to to make it work.

According to the topic, the more mods, the higher the rating should be, therefore your rating is incorrect.

As for yours, 3/5.

I like the stock, though it's fairly simplistic.

By "mods", I meant mods that make the gun better or increase efficiency.  This improves nothing.  Infact the front part could be considered a downgrade since it restricts what ammo you can put in the gun.  Also it makes the gun too bulky and unwieldy for war.

Btw, the topic says that you have to post a picture of your TR after you rate the other guy's TR.

wait a second, doesn't that TR you modified have the ratchet wind system? if it does i really want to build this.

It did but I took it off.  Turns out each time it shot a round the force was great enough to jostle the part that keeps the ratchet from turning and it made it unwind a bit.

can you please send some pictures on how the ratchet system works because i really want to use it on the next turret gun i build.

That's the way to go. Best TR18 yet. 5/5
I just took mine apart so I don't have pics sorry.

i built a TR18, i just wish i could figure out how to get a ratchet system on it