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How does the rating system work. First i posted a short instructable video about my pinball. Though having 358 views the rating stayed on zero (no star at all). Now, I have improved massively on the post https://www.instructables.com/id/Mechanical-Table-Pinball-IMPROVED-instructable/ and still no rating. Is the function broken or do I just have to face the fact, that nobody seems to care..? :-)


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Kiteman (author)2012-08-14

It's not that nobody cares about your work, they just don't care about the rating system.

I value the time taken to post a single comment on my projects, good or bad, far more than a dozen casual clicks.

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caitlinsdad (author)2012-08-14

It's been wonky as of late, sometimes the stars appear and sometimes users cannot click on them to rate. I do not pay attention to the rating system since it does not really reflect anything due to the number of people that actually rate to those that use it as a subscriber/like rewards system. The highest rating use to be "awesome", now it is just "georgeous" whatever that is supposed to mean.

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