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Re-colouring a book cover help needed! Answered

I have an old hardback  fairy tale book that I would like to recolour. Its a white cover (very grubby).
Whats best to use to colour it that can be set so the colour wont rub off onto anything else in the future if it gets a little wet or something?
(im in UK for products)



Get some fabric and some school glue(PVA) and you can recover it that way.

i dont want to recover it as it has a nice gold print on the front. i need to recolour it but using something that i can set so it doesnt come off onto anything else

Whatever you use, you can prevent it rubbing off by covering it, either with one of the clear plastic dust jackets used by libraries, or more neatly with a wrap of sticky backed plastic (are you old enough to remember the hey days if Blue Peter?).

plastic wont look nice for the finish i want. i still just want it as the normal cover

Ah, I see.

Possibly a fabric dye, used as paint?

thats what i was thinking but i need to be able to set it so it doesnt come off if it possibly gets a little wet